Personalized just for you

Do you have a loved one diagnosed with a mental illness? Are you struggling with a mental Illness?
Have you ever felt alone, not sure where to turn? Wonder if anyone is listening to your needs and desires? You are not alone!

Consult 1:1
with a family
or peer coach

Track self


Get daily support
& motivation

Consult 1:1 with a Coach

At Ballast Health, we match you with a coach that complements the needs you have. Is your loved one currently in jail? Is he or she struggling with both a mental illness and a drug and alcohol issue? Do you have a mental health challenge and just need to chat with someone in a similar boat? After you fill out an assessment of needs, we will match you to a coach that matches those needs.


Family Coach

* Family member – father
* Co-occuring
* Employment Support
* Social Security Disability


Family Coach

* Family member – sister
* Housing
* Nutrition – food and supplements
* Forensic – what to do if your loved one is in jail


Peer Coach

* Self- bipolar disorder
* Co-occuring
* Suicide ideation
* Employment support

Track What Matters

While you work with a coach, you can also use the Ballast Health app
to track your progress, stay on top of daily assignments, and ensure that
you are on the right path.

Securely talk with peer and family coaches

Find hope in research backed information

Wholistic Care

Family/Peer Support


Individualized Assessments


About Us

The Ballast leadership team is uniquely qualified to build and manage this enterprise. The founders are entrepreneurs with decades of general health care and mental health care business experience in services and technology.  They experienced the frustrations of having to assist a loved one navigate the mental health system while searching for resources and support for themselves. They have lived through unimaginable crisis and tragedy as a result of their loved one’s mental health. Their respective journeys taught them some very hard lessons. It is through these lessons they have been able to assist scores of other families avoid pitfalls and work around challenging situations.  They learned to accept that which cannot be changed but to also apply what they learned in navigating the system and effect change where possible and where necessary, create solutions.  Their personal and professional experiences opened their eyes to the reality that there is an ocean of untapped knowledge ready to be offered to those who find themselves in similar difficult circumstances.

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